"SpellCheckPlus Pro"

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SpellCheckPlus is an online tool for writing in English that identifies spelling errors and common grammatical problems. SpellCheckPlus Pro offers several advantages over the free version:

  • no advertising (ads help support the free version)
  • resizable editor – much more room available for editing your text
  • fullscreen editor – you can maximize the editor to the size of your browser window (except in Safari)
  • text archiving (writing portfolio) – you can view any of your previously submitted texts
  • summary of errors
  • interactive grammar exercises
  • several more planned features....
  • finally, a subscription helps support this project (think of it as a donation if you prefer)


Individuals can purchase a one year license for SpellCheckPlus Pro for only $15.99 (Canadian – other currencies are accepted). To purchase an individual license, visit the Create an Account Page. Create an account now and also receive a bonus subscription to BonPatron Pro (our editor for texts in French).

Group, academic, and institutional licenses are also available with volume discounts. Schools can purchase licenses for each machine in their computer labs (shared licenses) or purchase licenses for each student (which allow students to use the license at home as well). Please contact us for more information.